“Mastering the Crucifix” Demo Online

We’re hammering away at Mastering the Crucifix instructional to get it finished now that all the video has been shot! Please check out the test version and let us know what you think: Access “Mastering the Crucifix” demo here.

The main purpose of this test is to see if people like GIFs or MP4s better for the short looped techniques. Marshal used GIFs for 3-D Jiu-Jitsu, but we wanted to explore other options. Let us know what you think!

Below are the pros and cons of each format, but we want to get your opinions before deciding.

Looped GIF Images


  • Supported by practically every device/browser
  • Automatically loads, plays and loops
  • Multiple GIFs can run at once


  • Lower image quality, fewer colors
  • Fewer frames per second
  • Larger file size, demands more bandwidth (~2MB per GIF)
  • No playback controls

Looped MP4 Videos


  • Higher quality video (more colors and higher resolution)
  • Smoother playback, more FPS
  • Smaller file size (~600KB per MP4)
  • Video playback controls


  • Won’t autoplay if more than one video player is on the page
  • Requires user to click each video to play
  • Playing a new videos stops any other
  • More potential for device/browser incompatibility



Recording Complete for “Mastering the Crucifix”!

Mastering the Crucifix photoshoot

Excited to announce that after a long weekend shooting, all footage has been recorded for my crucifix instructional! Huge thanks goes out to all my Indiegogo backers and my sponsors GawakotoGrapplearts and Scramble for making this possible!

Now Marshal has the job of editing and processing hours of video, allowing him the opportunity to watch himself get choked many, many times:


Alternate collar choke when first crucifix choke is defended

While Marshal is busy with that, I will be finishing off the written content and polishing off the responsive web-based version. It looks great in every browser I’ve tested across PC, Mac, iOS and Android. We’re still looking into alternatives to GIF, like HTML5 animations, to reduce mobile data usage.

We’re also researching what it takes to turn these into native iOS/Android apps. If you know about app development or PhoneGap, holla at me!


Indiegogo Success!

The Indiegogo goal was surpassed by over $1700 and we’re moving on to the next stages of production! Thank you for your support!

All the filming gear has been ordered and is en route now. Marshal and I are picking dates and securing filming locations.

Later this week I will leak more seminar footage as a preview of what’s to come. The full seminar is being edited together now, and we will be contacting those who purchased it once we have the delivery method finalized.

More announcements coming soon, but for now I just wanted to thank everyone who made this possible and let you know we’re hard at work!


Final Countdown! Last chance to get Indiegogo perks and 65% off GrapplersGuide.com

We’re down to the final day of Indiegogo fundraising! We’ve passed our initial goal (thanks!), but we’ve still got great perks to hand out. This video explains why the Grapplers Guide perk is the best value. Only 8 memberships are left at 65% off (and you get Mastering the Crucifix and bonus seminar footage). Check out the remaining perks here or claim a Grapplers Guide membership here.


Two Big Indiegogo Announcements!

1. We’ve passed our Indiegogo crowdfunding goal!

2. ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts now sponsor Aesopian and Artechoke!

We passed our Indiegogo fundraising goal with a week to go thanks your support and three generous business sponsors: ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts. Being backed by three BJJ brands I admire is a big encouragement! You can look forward to collaborations between us in the future.

Can you still donate and get perks? YES!

Everything we earn beyond our $4000 goal will go into our future projects. Marshal swore me to secrecy but I’m very excited about what he’s got planned.

You only have a few days to pick up the remaining perks and pre-order your copy of the crucifix instructional. Check out the Indiegogo perks.

The perks I thought would be sold out by now are the GrapplersGuide.com memberships. Nine are available at over 50% off (plus you get my crucifix instructional and seminar video). Grapplers Guide is a great community and rarely accepts new members, making this one of the best ways to join.

Again, thanks for all your support, and thanks to ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts!


Listen to me on Inside BJJ!

Inside BJJ opened their show with me this week. Keep listening to hear them talk to Bellator Welterweight Tournament winner Rick Hawn and the always entertaining Kurt Osiander.

I’m going to be very disappointed in you if you haven’t read 3-D Jiu-Jitsu yet. What’s your excuse? That’s right, you don’t have one.

We are 75% of the way to our Indiegogo goal. Thanks for the support! Haven’t picked up perk and pre-ordered the crucifix instructional yet? What are you waiting for!


Functional Half Guard (Reuploaded)

Functional Half Guard is back up on YouTube. Despite being filmed by two Estonian white belts back in 2006, it’s still one of the best instructionals on half guard fundamentals. The description on YouTube contains the table of contents with clickable minute markers. Enjoy!

Want more free full length BJJ instructionals? Check out 3-D Jiu-Jitsu: An Introduction to Thinking Conceptually. Like that new multimedia e-book format? Pre-order my crucifix instructional.


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rollmore.com generously donated a 93 Brand “Charlie” gi to help promote my Indiegogo campaign. Entering is easy. Simply like and comment on this Facebook post! Contest winner announced Friday night.

We’ve broke $1600 on your way toward the $4000 crowdfunding goal. Every dollar counts. Please support this project if you want us to keep working on innovative BJJ media. Check out a sample of what we’re trying to do by reading 3-D Jiu-Jitsu: An Introduction to Thinking Conceptually.

Hollah if you run a BJJ company and want to get exposure for your product by tossing a freebie our way!