Several months ago, Shakib, the owner of  Submission Fight Co. sent me a gi and here is my review of an A3 white Submission Light Gi.

The featured gi shipped quickly, and arrived much sooner than I expected. Removed from its standard shipping package, the gi comes in a clear plastic bag with the company logo, SFC stickers and a coupon for the next purchase.

Shakib helped me choose the right size for my height and weight, and I was happy with the fit. I washed the gi in cold water, and hung it out to dry to prevent shrinking. Usually after a few washings, my gis shrink and look like baby clothes. Thankfully, this gi still fits properly after months of training and washing.

My experience with the gi matches up closely to Francisco’s at DSTRYRsg. A couple of spots looked sloppily stitched, but so far they haven’t frayed or unraveled. The soft rope drawstring has “popped” in a few places due to training or washing, but otherwise it stays tied. The important parts of the gi, like the gusset in the pants and the seams in the jacket, have held up admirably.

Shakib assured me that his gis are the highest quality available for their price point, and I agree with him. Priced around $100, the Submission FC gis are very affordable compared to the $120-150+ that most top brands charge, and maintain a high standard of quality and durability. If you want a good gi for the price, you should pick one up and give it a spin. Use the code aesopian at and get 5% off your order (expires March 30, 2012.)