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Recording Complete for “Mastering the Crucifix”!

Mastering the Crucifix photoshoot

Excited to announce that after a long weekend shooting, all footage has been recorded for my crucifix instructional! Huge thanks goes out to all my Indiegogo backers and my sponsors GawakotoGrapplearts and Scramble for making this possible!

Now Marshal has the job of editing and processing hours of video, allowing him the opportunity to watch himself get choked many, many times:


Alternate collar choke when first crucifix choke is defended

While Marshal is busy with that, I will be finishing off the written content and polishing off the responsive web-based version. It looks great in every browser I’ve tested across PC, Mac, iOS and Android. We’re still looking into alternatives to GIF, like HTML5 animations, to reduce mobile data usage.

We’re also researching what it takes to turn these into native iOS/Android apps. If you know about app development or PhoneGap, holla at me!


Final Countdown! Last chance to get Indiegogo perks and 65% off

We’re down to the final day of Indiegogo fundraising! We’ve passed our initial goal (thanks!), but we’ve still got great perks to hand out. This video explains why the Grapplers Guide perk is the best value. Only 8 memberships are left at 65% off (and you get Mastering the Crucifix and bonus seminar footage). Check out the remaining perks here or claim a Grapplers Guide membership here.


Two Big Indiegogo Announcements!

1. We’ve passed our Indiegogo crowdfunding goal!

2. ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts now sponsor Aesopian and Artechoke!

We passed our Indiegogo fundraising goal with a week to go thanks your support and three generous business sponsors: ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts. Being backed by three BJJ brands I admire is a big encouragement! You can look forward to collaborations between us in the future.

Can you still donate and get perks? YES!

Everything we earn beyond our $4000 goal will go into our future projects. Marshal swore me to secrecy but I’m very excited about what he’s got planned.

You only have a few days to pick up the remaining perks and pre-order your copy of the crucifix instructional. Check out the Indiegogo perks.

The perks I thought would be sold out by now are the memberships. Nine are available at over 50% off (plus you get my crucifix instructional and seminar video). Grapplers Guide is a great community and rarely accepts new members, making this one of the best ways to join.

Again, thanks for all your support, and thanks to ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts!


Reverse Omoplata Competition Footage Analysis

With all the cool kids doing tournament video studies, I’ve caved to peer pressure and recorded my own now. For this analysis, I’ve gathered my favorite reverse omoplatas in one place. I recommend  watching on YouTube in wide or fullscreen mode to clearly see the videos inside the video.

My Indiegogo campaign is still going, and I just added a new perk: Kyra Gracie’s autograph! I picked it up as a perk for backing BJJ Hack’s Red Belt fundraiser, and now I’m graciously passing it on to you. Pre-order my crucifix and reverse omoplata instructional and pick up bonus perks!


12 Minutes of Reverse Omoplata Goodness

More footage from my Summer 2013 “going away” seminar at Gracie Barra Clearwater. This was a free seminar I did to give thanks to my friends before moving to PA. Apologies for the angle and the audio, but I didn’t now this would be filmed. A friend set up a tripod and camera to run in the corner.

Watch Eduardo de Lima and I teach the reverse omoplata on YouTube.

Want to learn more about the reverse omoplata? Help me finish making the most comprehensive crucifix and reverse omoplata instructional ever (and pick up a copy)!


Improving One Thing at a Time + Crucifix to One Handed RNC

A new years dawns! What are your BJJ resolutions?

Today’s video is from the “going away” seminar I gave at Gracie Barra Clearwater in the summer of 2013 before moving to PA. Special thanks to the Ybor City Jiu-Jitsu Club for supporting this seminar and my podcast with donations!

This clip starts with a bonus rant by my instructor, Eduardo de Lima, about the value of learning one thing at a time, one day at a time. That’s a good lesson to apply to your new year’s resolutions! You can’t reach your goals in a single day and you can’t change everything at once. Focus on what you can do each day, no matter how small or simple.

(Sorry about the rough audio, but I didn’t even know this was going to be filmed! A friend set up a camera in the corner, so we got whatever we got!)

Watch on Youtube.

Want to learn the whole crucifix game? Contact me about setting up a seminar.


The Forgotten Fundamental: Standing Up From Guard

Big updates coming soon! But first, a new video. You get 14 minutes of technical stand ups from guard!

As you’ll see explained at the start of the video, I moved up to Allentown, PA, and I’m now training at Zombie BJJ PA. That’s why updates have dropped off, but I have good news! During my radio silence, I have been working on a lot of big BJJ projects. Think of my disappearance as me having gone into stealth sub mode. Soon I will be resurfacing to launch thermonuclear jiu-jitsu missiles at your face. Here is what’s loaded into the launch bays:

  • the long-rumored crucifix instructional,
  • a relaunch of my “Ask a black belt” Q&A’s as a podcast,
  • many new long BJJ videos (10-20 min),
  • and an entire new website that answers all your stupid white belt questions!

You’ll hear more about those in the weeks and months to come. For now, let’s get to the video!

The Forgotten Fundamental: Standing Up From Guard

Here’s what I wrote up about this video for good ol’ Sherdog F12:

So lately (and for the past 10 years) I’ve been hearing how BJJ is on the verge of dying. I’m told we’re getting away from our no-holds-barred vale tudo roots. I fear it’s true. Look at the signs:

No one is training to smother boxers wearing a single glove.

BJJ schools aren’t preparing their students to get rabbit punched from guard by Ken Shamrock until PPV turns off the broadcast.

When is the last time you saw a new VHS featuring challenge matches between a fearsome green sash in kung fu and R______ Gracie?

Did you know the average jiu-jiteiro is unaware that punches even exist, and that 70% don’t even know you can close your hand into a fist?

I’m probably partial to blame. I’m a BJJ black belt who doesn’t fight in MMA or train for self defense or beat up hobos on the street. Do I really deserve this black belt if I’ve never slapped a man in the face on the beach to defend my pride? I’ve never even practiced disarming someone holding a gun 2 feet away from me because they don’t seem to understand how bullets work just as well from across the room.

Helio Gracie must be spinning in his grave. If only I had studied the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Master Text more closely! Maybe I still have time to sign up for Gracie Combatives Online.

To make amends, I’m offering up this 15 min video about how to stand up from guard. This may come as a shock to you, since I’m sure all of you have trained nothing but double guard pulls and berimbolos, but you can in fact stand back up from guard. I’ll give that a minute to sink in.

Once you’ve composed yourself, please watch this video.