About Matt Kirtley


Matt is walking encyclopedia of BJJ knowledge. He has completely changed the way I approach the crucifix and half butterfly position. I am grateful to be able to pick his brain on a regular basis.

-Nelson Puentes, Black Belt

Matt Kirtley is a BJJ practitioner who has the ability to instantly locate where you are on the learning curve and what improvements need to be made in order for you to progress. He is a great teacher because he can take the most complex techniques or strategies and break them down into their component parts, such that even complicated maneuvers become relatively easy to learn.

-Joe R., White Belt

I really like the way you break things down into simpler steps so that I can remember the sequence of movements for a new technique. You also do a great job explaining the details such as why you need to put your hand here or what would happen if you didn’t connect your knee and elbow, etc. I can tell that you are really into learning new things and perfecting your skills and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Thanks for all that you do!

-Luke P., Blue Belt

Matt is professional! I never felt like I was on a lower level. Matt teaches things I still use. He’s a great person to roll and train with — not to mention his yoga skills!

-Luis K., Blue Belt

Matt is an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor. His technical explanations are detailed and precise, broken down in a way that makes it understandable to the entire room. Additionally Matt is just a good guy with a great sense of humor and is genuinely fun to be around.

-Tom Grant, Brown Belt

Learning jiu jitsu, especially as a beginner, can be frightening and overwhelming to say the least. Matt doesn’t “teach down”, but instead addresses everyone as if they are all on the same level. He explains the techniques he is teaching in a precise, not over-spoken method, and broken down in such a way that everyone who is in attendance can learn and understand. He incorporates the fundamentals of “why” what he’s teaching will work, and I know my jiu jitsu is better from being able to learn from such an amazing person/resource/teacher as Mr. Kirtley.

-Tony Thompson, Blue Belt

One of the things I love about Matt teaching is that he truly connects with his students, myself included. I’ve been training for a long time, and I’m an idiot sometimes, the slow guy in the class. I don’t know what it is, but I can see a technique a few times, and still not understand it.
Matt actually spends the time needed to make sure I get the technique for real, rather than just moving on.
It’s easy to train someone half my age who will someday be a world champion and has a natural talent for jitsu. It’s much more difficult to train someone like me.
Matt has done this very well and it is appreciated.

-Ray R., Brown Belt

I’m really happy to have been able to benefit from Matt’s thoughtful, detailed and accessible instruction.

-Melisa Spence