I received a great gift that I wanted to share with everyone. But you’ve really got two others to thank.

First, you need to thank Elliott Bayev who sent me a video of himself demonstrating techniques. He had enjoyed the tutorials I have been putting up and wanted to give something in return. The video contains a TON of great material, including a bunch of moves taught to Elliot by Eddie Bravo. Which leads to who you need to thank next. When I asked Elliot if I could make this video public, he said he wanted to ask Eddie first, since a lot of the material came from him. Eddie gave his approval and only asked that we give him credit.

I got a lot out of the moves Elliot shows. I was familar with the spider web (Eddie’s armbar position) but it was helpful to finally see them taught in motion. The guard game he shows, where both arms are shoved to the same side, and then you threaten taking the back and the hip bump together, really interested me, especially how he shows how its moves can be combined. The bellydown armbar he does from here is probably the highlight of the video for me.

The audio isn’t very good but if you pay attention, you’ll pick up a lot of great moves and little details.

Elliott currently trains under Mark Bocek and Sam Zakula at Kombat Fitness in Toronto.

The Video


00:00 – The Slide
00:46 – Bicep Crush
01:20 – Armbar to triangle
02:00 – X-break
02:30 – Silverado
02:50 – Foot on far biceps
03:00 – Spider web to harness (taking the back)
03:12 – Crossing arms from guard + bellydown armbar + sweeping to spider web
04:50 – Crossed arms pendulum sweep
06:20 – Crossed arms hip bump
06:40 – Crossed arms triangle
07:00 – Crossed arms bellydown armbar to spider web
07:28 – Crossed arms americana from guard to armbar
08:00 – Drag arm across
08:18 – Americana from guard vs defensive posture
08:35 – Shove hand out to triangle
08:40 – Hip bump
08:50 – Arm drag
09:08 – Arm crush to triangle
09:35 – Arm crush to armbar with chill dog grip
10:00 – Switch sides armbar
10:15 – Arm crush to armdrag
10:30 – Details on crossing arms
11:15 – Figure-foured two-on-one to biceps crush
11:25 – Crossing arms to kimura
11:55 – Crossing arms to armdrag
12:00 – Crossing arms to americana and armbar
12:15 – Crossing arms to taking the back
12:30 – Crossing arms to pendulum sweep
13:00 – Crossing arms to belly down armbar and sweep to spider web
13:30 – Triangle posture defense – spinny armbar
14:40 – Double under pass defense – return to guard and americana
15:52 – Kimura from butterfly guard to armbar
16:58 – Front headlock to biceps crush
17:25 – Pendulum sweep stack defense – arm triangle
18:00 – Belly down armbar to triangle
18:40 – Butterfly guard to triangle
20:20 – Spider guard sweep
21:00 – Cross knee pass detail – defending underhook
21:25 – Awesome detail on defending being stacked out of armbars
21:55 – X-guard to kneebar