Here is another tutorial from black belt John Simon of Dominance Mixed Martial Arts in Melbourne, Australia. This time he’s covering armbar escapes using a figure-four grip.

I’ve got some pictures and descriptions for counters to armbar. My partner is Murray Ballenden, an accomplished and extremely good brown belt.

Basic Grip


This first picture is the set-up for the first two defences. I like this defence a lot because it’s simple and it also allows for counters to kimura. It’s basically a figure-four with the arms, with one hand on the bicep, the other with the back of the hand on the forehead.

Armbar from Side Control Escape


The first defence is when the guy has mount with one knee up. He has my right arm underhooked and is going to armbar it. My right hand is on my left bicep and my left hand is on my forehead.


As Murray puts his left leg over my head, my left hand grabs the back of his knee.


As Murray sits back, my left arm starts to straighten.


Finally, I straighten my left arm, pushing his top leg away, and pull my right arm free.

Armbar from Guard Escape

The next counter is for the armbar from guard.


Murray controls my right arm ready to armbar me.


I put my right hand on my left bicep and my left hand on my forehead.


As Murray attempts to throws his leg over my head, my left hand catches it on the back of the knee.


Once again, I straighten my left arm and pull my right arm free.

Armbar from Mount Escape

This last armbar is a counter from under mount.


I grab my wrists and wait for my opponent to sit back.


As my opponent throws his top leg over my head I throw my arms to the floor above my head, throwing his leg off.


I then move my body up, over his top leg, pinning it and stopping him from coming back on top of me.

To finish I would then spin and end up in my opponent’s guard.

Triangle escape coming up next.