Jeff Rockwell of The Oregon Pound has a slick butterfly guard sweep to side choke that he was happy to share.

Hey, I thought I’d try to add this to your technique archive. Let me know if it makes sense. I was doing this move a lot last year, forgot about it, then brought it back against a 280 pound wrestler a few nights ago.

This move works especially well when your opponent crosses his feet and commits his weight on his hands when you rock him forward.


Here you start in butterfly guard with double underhooks, your forehead under his neck on one side.


Rock your opponent straight back, as if you were going to roll him directly forward over his head. He will post with both hands to prevent this. This opponent is wary, however, and crosses his feet as he posts with his arms to prevent his legs being attacked for submissions or sweeps.


As his weight is suspended above you, you must simultaneously perform several movements. The first is to place your left hand under his right armpit to hold his upper body in place…


Then weave your right hand (in this example) from under his left arm, and shoot it past the left side of his neck; Then duck your forehead underneath his right armpit, as you shoot your right arm deeply past his neck, until your right bicep rests against the left side of his neck.


Immediately clasp your hands palm to palm behind his right shoulder, as you pinch your right ear toward the opponent’s right ear.


Shift your hips to the right, post your left foot on the ground, and perform a butterfly hook sweep to the left.


Straighten both legs as you finish the sweep for maximum power and extension, then immediately raise your hips and perform a cross knee guard pass to the left, passing to side control while maintaining your head and arm lock.


Sprawl your hips flat to the mat and walk clockwise towards his head to finish the side choke.

Finish with the Aurelio Method (as uploaded by Jeff Rockwell) and you’ll be all set.