More from black belt John Simon.

Here are two butterfly guard passes for your pleasure. I like both of these and use them quite regularly and successfully. I consider them “lazy” guard passes because to do them properly you get your grips and then “fall” past their guard.


The set-up involves having both of my knees on his hooks. My left hand reaches around his right leg and grabs the bottom of the pants on his left leg.


From here I use my right hand to grab his left sleeve.


Then I simply fall onto my right side.


My opponent will try and put me in guard which he can’t do because I’m controlling his legs.


Straighten my left arm away from my body and get to side control.

This next pass is good to use when your opponent is sitting forward.


Start with the same grip on his pants.


Next, grab his collar and pull him forward. You need to make sure that his weight is on his ass, not his legs so he can’t pull his head away. If he does manage to pull his head away, then go straight into a toreando guard pass.


I bring my right knee up with my foot against his left hip and my knee in the gap between his body and his legs.


Then I simply fall onto my right side to pass.


Complete into side control.