As the new year approached, I made a list of resolutions for my jiu-jitsu training with “Get better at no-gi” and “Beef up my no-gi chokes” at the top. This has been changing the direction of my training, which you’ll see in later articles and tutorials.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Jeff Rockwell about my new goals. It turns out his main game revolves around no-gi chokes. After some badgering, he went out of his way to film a tutorial of them for me, and he’s happy for me to share them on my journal too.

Below you’ll find 17 minutes of instruction on no-gi chokes by Jeff, as well as a highlight reel of him competing, where he gets half of the chokes he shows.

No-gi Chokes – Part One

The papercutter/baseball bat choke, the brabo, two arm triangle finishes, and two Monty Python guillotine setups with one recounter.

Part Two

Two drop guillotine variations, foot drag method of taking the back, and finishing the guillotine from the mount.

Rockwell Submission League ’06 Highlight

SBG Submission League Highlight, Spring 2006, 175lb. Advanced Division, Beaverton, OR.

Jeff is my hero.