Been enjoying putting together exercises routines and running class warm-ups that are outside the standard running, push-ups, crunches and shrimping.

I really like ones that make me feel uncoordinated and off-balance at when I first try them. There’s probably some neurophysiology reasoning I could make up about the brain and body struggling to adapt to a new movement and how this develops reflexes and “body awareness” or whatever, but really they’re just fun.

Bonus points if the moves makes you look stupid. Get a room full of guys Indian leg wrestling or crab walking and you’ll put them in a more relaxed mood.

Here are the best drills I’ve found online so far.

Komodo Dragon Crawl

Monkey Run

Backward Dolphin


5 Partner Exercises

Individual Exercises

Milanimal Workout Series

Grappling: les bases. Les drills seul.

Les Drills à deux en JJB

Arte Suave – Andre Galvao

Open Door Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Warm up