This FAQ clears up common issues with the 2011 BJJ Gi Survey. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact me for help.

Don’t see a brand listed?
Pick “Other” at the bottom of the brand dropdown and write it in.

Don’t see a size, color or weave?
You can pick “Other” for all of those too.

Don’t know the weave?
Pick “Don’t know” at the bottom of the weave dropdown.

Reviewing your school’s brand?
Pick “Other” and write in your school’s name.

Reviewing a generic gi?
Pick “Generic” in the brand dropdown.

Reviewing a judogi?
Just pick a judo size from the size dropdown.

Don’t know the model name?
It isn’t required, so don’t worry.

Didn’t pay for your gi?
Answer “0” as the retail price.

Want to review more than 10 gis?
Contact me for assistance.

Can’t remember when you started training or got promotions?
Give your best estimate.

Does teaching count toward hours spent training?
Yes, if it causes wear and tear on your gi.

Uncomfortable sharing your age, gender or email?
That’s fine. They aren’t required.

Get errors like “We are sorry but your session has expired”?
Try refreshing your browser. Contact me if that doesn’t work.