This was the second Mundials/World tournament by the Confederação Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJ), the Brazilian counterpart to North America’s IBJJF. I am still working to get my hands on the the first Mundials from 1996.

My notes may be a little off, since I watched about 6 hours of competition footage in one night, and my notes aren’t exact play-by-plays. Thankfully, I have found many of these matches on Youtube, so you can watch them yourself.

Robson Moura vs Armando Conde

Conde pulls guard, which Moura immediately passes around. Conde tries to turtle to escape side control and pulls butterfly guard. Moura hops over a hook sweep then quickly mounts for an armbar.

Rony Rustico vs Saulo Ribeiro

Rony pulls guard and ends up with half guard. Saulo sits back and low, underhooking the leg and works to a smash pass. Rony recovers to butterfly guard before points are scored. Saulo works to pass and gets the underhook on the leg again as Rony brings his knee across like z-guard. Saulo sprawls back and almost passes again, then switches to the cross knee pass. Rony defends by turtling and Saulo spins to his rear to sprawl on his hips. Saulo drags him over to nearly get side control, then almost takes the back when he resists, but ends up in mount, where he’s quickly put back in half guard. Rony goes for something like a helicopter sweep, but ends up just turtling. Saulo gets double lapel control, tries to take the back again, but like before, Rony turns to be mounted and quickly escapes to half guard.

Saulo wins on points.

Marco Aurelio vs Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro

Marco pulls closed guard right away. Shaolin stands to open guard, but Marco just hangs and keeps trying to pull him down. Shaolin pushes him down until Marco jumps to his feet and tries to rush into an outside trip takedown. This fails so he quickly pulls butterfly guard.

Shaolin nearly passes around the guard with grips on the knees, but Marco recovers butterfly guard and no points are scored. Marco grabs the pants at the knees. Shaolin pushes a knee down and jump directly into side control, but Marco turtles and pulls butterfly guard.

Marco gets a grip on a knee and a sleeve, pulls his feet out and shoots up for a triangle. Shaolin defends with his knee in combat base. Marco plays open guard with his knees on the hips until Shaolin grips the knees and stands. Marco goes to De la Riva, then inverts by spinning through the legs, but can’t come up into any real sweep, ending up in butterfly guard again.

Shaolin tries to pass with a cross grip on the pant leg. Marco turtles to defend, so Shaolin get a hook and take the back. He can only get one hook, so he triangles his legs on one leg.

Marco escapes by getting his back to the mat and removing the hooks as he turns in. Shaolin moves to side control before Marco escapes to open guard with a sleeve grip. Marco tries to get a triangle again, but Shaolin defends with his knee in combat base.

Marco gets DLR guard and tries to spin around to the back, but Shaolin sits on him and squares up again. Shaolin tries to pass with a cross grip on the pants again and Marco recovers back to butterfly guard.

Shaolin wins on points.

Fabio Gurgel vs Daniel Simoes

They grip fight for a little before Gurgel snaps down and drops into a single leg, then spins to the rear body lock as Simoes turtles.

Simoes rolls forward and goes to guard. Gurgel ties to pass over, but Simoes fights to his knees and stands.

More pushing each other around on the feet, getting into the BJJ stance of bent over head-to-head with butts out. Gurgel does a no commitment foot sweep and later tries for ouchi gari.

Simoes jumps to closed guard. Gurgel stands to open with a grip on one sleeve. When the guard opens, Gurgel succeeds with a cross knee pass with an underhook. Simoes bridges likes crazy to get back into half guard, but he’s crushed by Gurgel’s crossface and underhook.

Gurgel wins on points.

Marcio Feitosa vs Leo Vieira

Feitosa opens with a strong attempt at uchimata but Leo stays up.

Vieira pulls butterfly guard but ends up in half guard. Feitosa gets an underhook and sprawls low. Vieira goes for a sweep and moves to butterfly guard. Feitosa goes for an over-under pass that switches to a leg weave. Leo turtles, and Feitosa goes for a single, but Vieira jumps to closed guard.

Feitosa gets both lapels and stands with a wide base but never opens Vieira’s guard. This happens for the rest of the fight while Vieira goes for every kind of sweep and grip. He ties sit up sweeps, pendulum/flower sweeps, cross grips, guillotines, ezekiels, eventually just opening his guard and kicking all over and pushing off the ground over his head. Feitosa just keeps pinning him back down, dropping to his knees and sprawing back but never seems to try a real pass.

Feitosa wins on points. He runs and jumps into a section of the crowd full of Gracie Barra guys while the Alliance fans (I assume) are booing. After Feitosa gets his hand raised, Gurgel comes out and raises Vieira on to his shoulders to parade him around while Alliance fans cheer.

Soca vs Megaton

The video cuts to Soca in butterfly guard, switching to single leg guard as Megaton stands, then spinning under to get a shin sweep with a grip on the ankle and an underhook on the leg. He steps around Megaton’s guard right away.

Megaton returns to guard, but Soca does an over-under pass to side control.

Soca tries to jump to a near side armbar, but Megaton pulls out and scrambles to his feet. Soca pulls guard.

Megaton almost passes with the bullfighter, but Soca twists up into a single leg, then sits into single leg guard.

Megaton sits down with a loop choke grip and Soca spins around to escape. Soca gets his head out and ends up with butterfly guard.

They go out of bounds and are reset standing. Soca pulls butterfly guard. Megaton stands. Soca crosses the arm and grabs the belt, pulls Megaton down for a sweep, but ends up pulling closed guard.

Soca underhooks a leg and knocks Megaton back on his butt. Megaton sits with both legs forward for a while, but Soca is never able to get on top. Megaton gets his leg back and fixes his base and posture.

Megaton stands to open guard. Soca drops to single leg guard, then spins between the legs for a shin sweep. Megaton lands with butterfly guard, but Soca quickly passes. Megaton’s foot gets stuck in the back of the collar, which saves him for a second until the ref knocks it off, allowing Soca to finish the pass.

Soca immediately moves to north-south, then sits in to take the back. He gets hooks and grip fights with one-on-ones while trying to get the collar.

Megaton defends, and the video cuts to Soca moving to side control probably because Megaton got rid of his hooks.

Soca moves to north-south again, then 100 kilos and knee-on-belly as Megaton tries to escape. Megaton throws his legs up and does an upside down guard spin to recover guard as the whistle blows.

Soca wins on points.

Alexandre Paiva vs Nino Schembri

Nino jumps to half guard with an arm wrap. He tries to spin between the legs and do a stand-up sweep with the leg underhooked on his shoulder, but Paiva scrambles to stay on top. Nino does an upside down spin to DLR guard with a foot on the biceps. Paivo tries a fast, aggressive pass, but Nino’s legs open wide and he swings back to guard.

Nino ends up with Pavia low in his half guard, underhooking his leg. He bridges to recover butterfly guard but they go out of bounds.

Restarted standing. Nino jumps to closed guard, and Paiva stays standing. Nino drops to his feet for a takedown but no luck. He jumps guard again and gets DLR with an arm wrap on the other side. He switches to butterfly guard and rises into a single leg takedown. They scramble, and Pavia ends up on bottom, so he pulls half guard.

Nino does an over-under pass to 100 kilos. He faces the legs, picking them up and putting his knee up under the thigh. He switches to knee-on-belly when Pavia turns into him. Pavia escapes to open guard. Nino gets a combat base and they end up out of bounds. Time is called right after the reset.

Nino wins on points.

Roleta vs Anderson Xavier

Roleta pulls closed guard by jumping to it from a long distance. He gets a cross grip.

Xavier stands, and Roleta underhooks the leg and opens to cross guard, swinging his leg out wide. Xavier grabs the knee, and Roleta grabs the back of that arm and tries to snap it into an armbar. Xavier pulls his arm out, but Roleta uses his underhook of the leg to rise up into a sweep. Xavier tries to avoid it by going to all fours, with his hips high, so Roleta jumps on to his back. Xavier turns to be under mount.

From mount, Roleta reaches back to grab the knee and pick the leg off the ground. He uses this grip several times whenever he has mount.

Xavier tries to bridge him over and is almost successful switching to the hip escape, but Roleta keeps his legs smashed. When Xavier turns and ties to pull his legs free, but he almost gives up his back, and instead allows Roleta to advance to mount again.

Xavier tries to bridge again, but even when it looks close, Roleta nearly takes his back with two hooks instead.

Xavier finally succeeds with an upa escape that rolls Roleta to closed guard. Xavier does what would later be describes as the Tozi or Sao Paulo pass, getting an underhook and sprawling out. Roleta takes the overhook and spins out to a pendulum sweep position, but never gets anything. Roleta opens his guard and Xavier grabs double under pass grips as the whistle blows.

Roleta wins on points.

Leo Vieira vs Renato “Charuto” Verissimo

Leo really wants to pull guard, and drops to his butt then stands up to do it again with better grip. He gets double sleeve control with both feet on the hips, then sits to butterfly guard when Renato backs away. Leo pulls to closed guard.

Renato stands to open guard, but Leo just hangs on him. He finally drops down to DLR where tries to backspin to the outside, but Renato stays on top in the scramble. Leo gets butterfly guard, goes to DLR with the intention of doing the same backspin but never getting very far. He sits up to single leg guard and passes the near hand between the legs. He spins between the legs, rocking back and forth as Renato balance, then spins back out to the single leg takedown.

Renato lands with guard and Leo throws him up on his shoulders, forcing him to turtle. Leo jumps for the back, and Renato forward rolls to nearly go between Leo’s legs. Leo keeps trying take his back and Renato keeps going to upside down positions where he ties to roll under.

Renato recovers back to guard, but in a split second, Leo cartwheels completely over and puts him in side control with a deep underhook. This seems to short circuit Renato’s brain because he keeps triangling his legs for no reason while pinned.

Leo steps over the head and sits on it while focusing on Renato’s underhooked arm. Renato bridges out, but Leo is on the rear of turtle again. Leo gets a hook and hangs on his back for a while, but Renato removes it and fights to stand up.

After a break to retie their belts, Leo pulls butterfly guard. Renato grabs a loop choke grip and the knee then front flips. He’s laying with the choke while Leo kicks his legs to break the grips and get out. They scramble and Leo ends up on top of turtle and nearly takes Renato’s back again. While they are laying in a strange position, Renato back flips over to escape and gets a front headlock. Leo ties a double to sitout to single leg, but they go out of bounds and are restarted standing.

Leo pulls butterfly guard, then switches to DLR and succeeds with a backspin sweep. As Renato tries to get to his knees and stand, Leo cartwheels over him and lands behind him with hip control. Renato rolls to a sort of upside down guard that Leo stacks.

Leo wins on points.

Gordo vs Mario Sperry

Before the fight, the ref pulls them in close to give a serious talk, during which Mario blows each nostril and wipes with his sleeve.

Gordo pulls half guard, but Mario immediately gets the underhook. He passes to quarter guard. Gordo gets an underhook, and Mario tries to whizzer and get a collar choke.

The video cuts to Gordo coming on top after a sweep. He goes straight into a smash pass, then leaps to the opposite side. Mario recovers butterfly guard with an overhook before any points are scored.

Gordo flattens him out and works for sprawling over-under passes. Even with the leg underhooked, Mario just twists belly down and ties to turn to his knees, which keeps making Gordo back off the pass. Mario gets half butterfly guard. Gordo tries to pass again, but Mario grips his outside knee and twists up to sweep him. Gordo falls to butterfly guard.

The video cuts to Gordo with closed guard before going to half guard. Mario gets an underhook and succeeds with a cross knee pass.

Mario wins on points.

Egan Inoue vs Filipe Lira

Filipe pulls butterfly guard and goes straight into an overhead sweep that almost lands him in mount, then rear mount, but Egan scrambles out to his feet.

Egan gets a takedown and Filipe gets guard. Filipe fights for a sweep that turns into a takedown that runs them out of bounds, but Egan falls hard on his shoulder. There is a pause while Egan looks to be in a lot of pain and people are checking him out. It looks like they reset a dislocated shoulder, but the angle is unclear and people block the camera.

Whatever happened, Egan returns and they restart standing. Egan immediately shots in for a single leg and duck under, but doesn’t get it. He tries a sacrifice throw where he lays down to blocks the foot with his thigh, but it fails and he gets his back taken. He stands up with Filipe hanging on his back and jiggles him until he jumps off.

Filipe pulls butterfly again and goes for the same overhead sweep, but it fails and Egan quickly does a bullfighter pass to knee-on-belly, then drops to side control. Filipe gets half guard, but Egan has an underhook and passes.

Egan wins on points.

Amaury Bitetti vs Fabio Gurgel

Gurgel jumps to closed guard. Amaury wants to get control of a sleeve, and Gurgel can tells, so he keeps putting his hands over his head. This repeats for a while. Gurgel eventually tries to climb his guard, and Amaury stands.

Gurgel opens to double sleeve grips and feet on the hips. Amaury tries a standing pass, so Gurgel switches to sitting butterfly guard. Amaury cartwheels to pass, but Gurgel keeps guard. After Amaury ties to pass again, Gurgel gets to his knees for a double leg but gets sprawled on for a while until they both stand.

Gurgel jumps guard. When Amaury stands, he opens his guard and drops to a double ankle sweep that almost works, but they both end up standing.

Circling each other. Gurgel ties for a single but fails. More downs, then jumps to guard again.

Gurgel wins on points.