BudoVideos.com put up a 26 minute highlight reel of submissions from the 2007 Pan Ams. Here’s my tally of techniques.

TOEHOLD Toehold countered with an even better toehold.

TRIANGLE Reverse triangle from rear mount.

ARMBAR Knee on belly with gift wrap, try to mount but fall down to guard and get armbar.

ARMBAR Closed guard sweep to belly down armbar when they try to push back.

KIMURA to ARMBAR to REAR COLLAR CHOKE Kimura grip from side control, switch to armbar, take the back when they get on top, finish with a double lapel choke.

ARMBAR Cobrinha dances into knee on belly and spins behind when they turn in, takes the kimura grip for an armbar.

OMOPLATA Very mean omoplata where he pulls the far foot all the way behind the head.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Double lapel choke after some work.

LOOP CHOKE Sliding loop choke while opponent has double under pass grips so his arms are trapped.


BOW AND ARROW CHOKE from rear mount by Edson Diniz.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE by Eduardo Telles from belly down rear mount.

COLLAR CHOKE with overhook/whizzer from guard.

TRIANGLE from side control, finished on the bottom.

WRISTLOCK from mount. Aikido wins again.

AMERICANA from top of half guard.

REAR NAKED CHOKE from belly down rear mount.

ARMBAR from guard with legs in triangle positioning.

ARMBAR Kyra Gracie gets an armbar from guard after losing rear mount.

ARMBAR from top after having foot trapped in half guard.

KIMURA from top of half guard.


ARMBAR In my favorite sequence, Marcelo is passing half guard by switching between cross knee and sitout passes several times, then grabs an armbar from the top of deep half guard.


CRUCIFIX ARMLOCK Marcelo traps the arm for the crucifix from top of turtle, then gets a belly down armlock with it.

ARMBAR Mario Reis gets a kimura grip from north-south and switched to the armbar.

AMERICANA from side control.


TRIANGLE Lavato Jr. jumps into a triangle when his opponent tries to stand up with a sweep from half guard.

BRABO CHOKE WITH LAPEL Lavato Jr. pulls the lapel around to pass half guard. He keeps it in knee-on-belly and finishes the brabo by crossing their arm and pressing his chest to it.

BRABO CHOKE WITH LAPEL Lavato Jr. gets the brabo choke from knee-on-belly and hangs on to it even when they stand up. He falls down with the choke to make it even tighter but ends up on top again when they try to roll.




COLLAR CHOKE Robson Moura gets a collar choke by trapping the arm with his leg and circling all the way around north-south. Unclear what grip he used.

BICEPS SLICER from top of side control. The guy on bottom has his arm in a position that people often try to use to escape knee-on-belly.

ANKLELOCK? The top fighter is in the middle of passing guard with his knee in. He grabs the heel of a foot that has a butterfly hook and turns it against his body for a tap. It looks like the heelhook where you reach down between your legs to counter leglocks, but he didn’t get DQ’d so I guess not.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Saulo takes the back from top of turtle and gets a double lapel choke.

ARMBAR Saulo gets a farside spinning armbar from knee-on-belly.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE They get the collar grip from rear mount but ultimately finish it from side control like a loop choke of sorts as the opponent escapes the hooks.

ARMBAR Spinning armbar from knee-onn-belly.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Tiago Alves literally hangs on the rear of turtle with his legs out in the air, then leaps forward over them to roll them into a rear collar choke with no hooks in.

TOEHOLD Alves grabs a toehold while in a mess of tangled legs in open guard.

LAPEL CHOKE Abmar Barbosa passes both his own and his opponent’s lapels around from mount before wrapping his around the neck a bunch and winning with that.

LAPEL CHOKE from side control using your own lapel like Jacare made famous.

ARMBAR as they are being bridged out of mount.




TRIANGLE from closed guard.

TRIANGLE from awkward upside down position.

TRIANGLE / ARMBAR by pulling guard and climbing right into it.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Single wing choke as they try to turn to escape rear mount.

COLLAR CHOKE Kron Gracie gets a (collar?) choke that looks like a Peruvian necktie.

KNEEBAR Kron defends a sweep by balancing back and forth before falling into a kneebar.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Kron gets a double lapel choke from technical mount.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Single wing choke from rear mount.

KIMURA / ARMBAR from rear mount.

TRIANGLE from guard.


REAR COLLAR CHOKE Kayron Gracie gets a double lapel choke from rear mount.

ARMBAR Kayron gets an armbar while overhooking the arm from butterfly guard.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Kayron gets a double lapel choke from the back.

REAR COLLAR CHOKE Kayron gets the same choke after doing an overhead sweep to mount and taking the back.