I recently became a moderator on reddit.com/r/bjj so I could reboot their Technique of the Month project. With help from the redditors, we came up with a new format for the TOTM that would encourage more discussion and community participation.

March is Mad Flow Month, focusing on chaining techniques into submissions. Here’s the video I shot for Week 2: Sweeps into Submissions:

Here are the weekly topics:

Join in over at reddit.com/r/bjj! Upcoming TOTM themes include…

Fighter of the Month: Marcelo Garcia, Roger Gracie, Andre Galvao, anyone noteworthy fighter.

Get Your Mind Right: Gameplan building (flowcharts, mindmaps, etc.), building good habits, keeping a training log, reverse engineering your problems to find solutions, etc.

Posture and Pressure: Solo drills (balance ball, army crawls, etc.), P&P while passing, P&P while on dominant positions.

Operation Backpack: Taking the back (armdrags, rolling back takes), upper body control (seatbelt, figure-four, one-on-one, grip fighting) and lower body control (one-vs-two hooks, body triangle, positional control), submissions (RNC, bow-and-arrow, armbar, etc.)

Houdini Month: Escapes from side control, escapes from mount, escapes from rear mount, escapes from anywhere else.