Let’s round up everything that’s happened around here since the last time I posted!

I made this video for reddit.com/r/bjj‘s last Technique of the Month series on combinations:

Submission to Submission – Spin-behind kimura to same side armbar

What happened to the weekly tournament reports?

The BJJ DVD Project (and all my online project) have been put on hold since I got a new job. That’s good new to me and bad news to you. I’m still sitting on notes from ADCC 2009 that will be posted… eventually.

A very generous reader of the site sent me a VHS tape of the 1996 Mundials. Once I unearth the ancient technology to watch it, I will post a write-up on it.

What have you missed on my BJJ gear site?

Just today, a review of Rei-Gi’s exclusive Roger Gracie gi went up. Check that out.

You may have missed a review of Ronin’s Fighter gi and the interview with company’s owner where he had choice words for why BJJ gis cost so much more than their judo counterparts.

Fushida, “winners” of the 1st place rating in the 2011 BJJ Gi Survey, also sat down for an interview.

What’s coming soon for the gear site?

I’m sure I am driving some gi manufacturers crazy by taking months to test their gi and see if it really stands up to training (rather than just reviewing out of the box), but Black Eagle and BJJ Religion can soon breath a sigh of relief.

I’m also sitting on a mostly complete interview with Vince from Shoyoroll that I may just post in its current state.

Want to play PS3 games with me?

My PSN username is Fistfingers!