Last week when I released a 15 minute video on standing up from guard, I let slip that I’ve been working on a podcast too. The first episode is up now. You can hit play below to listen while you keep reading about the new podcast:

Submission-Only vs Points Tournaments

Listen to “Submission-Only vs Points Tournaments” by Aesopian BJJ on SoundCloud

My goal for these podcasts is to answer the questions I receive through my site’s “Ask a black belt” widget (seen up in the top right corner). Each podcast is only between 4-15 minutes, with most at about 8 minutes. I am recording these using my iPad whenever and whenever I have free time. Editing is minimal and I don’t have any music or sound effects or co-hosts. As you can hear from the background noise of cicadas buzzing and birds chirping, I’m often outside in park.

Over 120 questions came in through my site’s “Ask a black belt” feature, and while I tried to answer as quickly as I could (seen here), I quickly got overloaded. That’s why the recording for this podcast are so quick and simple. They wouldn’t get done otherwise. I can record 4-5 of these in the time it takes me to type up my blog post.

Please send me any feedback you have on the podcast. I’m not used to sitting alone and talking to “myself” and my iPad, but I’m trying to work on my radio voice. Let me know if anything distracted or annoyed you so I can try to do better in the future!

If this podcast proves popular, I’ll see about making improvements like generating transcripts, getting better recording gear, seeking out interviewees, and getting listed in iTunes and Stitcher.

Want to do me a big favor?

Since quitting my job and moving to a new state, my funds are getting low. In the past (probably 7 years ago), I’ve asked for donation when I’ve needed help paying for web hosting costs, and now I’m asking again for this podcast.

The basic SoundCloud (my podcast hosting) plan cuts off at 2 hours of audio, which I have already passed. It costs $132/year to upgrade to theĀ Pro Unlimited plan. People often tell me my site helps them more than most DVDs, and I don’t even charge for it. If you’d like to help keep this site going and support the new podcast, pleaseĀ follow the link on this page to donate via Paypal.

Let’s spice up the deal a little. If you donate through Paypal and contact me afterwards, your question will go to the top of my list. You’ll get an answer from me, maybe by video, a podcast, a blog post, or a personal email. Be sure to include which email you used on Paypal and how much you donated.

With your support, I’ll keep putting out new podcast episodes (and videos) on a regular schedule! Here’s what’s coming soon:

Future podcast topics (already recorded!)

  • How to defeat the smaller, weaker opponent
  • What I think of mandatory school gis and Gracie Barra gis
  • How to be less defensive and loosen up in sparring
  • How to spar with higher belts without spazzing or self-defeating
  • Caring for jacked up fingers
  • Hygiene tips to keep you from being a social outcast
  • What to do while recovering from injury
  • How a good gi should fit
  • How to stop being “too nice”
  • If grappling dummies are worth the time and money
  • Earning belts when you only train no-gi
  • Should you be offended if you don’t have a blue belt but are sure you’re awesome?
  • Training without the desire to earn belt rank

I’ll be posting one of these a day for the rest of the week to launch the new podcast. And I’ve got another 15+ minute video ready too!