How’s that for a title? Here’s the question I’m answering today:

First of all, thanks for all of the content you produce on your site – I have indeed found it very useful.

I was glad to make a donation ($50) without the need for any kind of reward, but I do actually have a question that I would like to see answered.  This may be the type of situation you have covered in the past, but if so I haven’t seen it.  I am out in Southern Iraq for a year, and clearly there is no opportunity for formal instruction here, but we do have a small but growing BJJ group here training three to four times per week, composed of guys of various levels of experience and skill.  So, my question (posed in a way that will be applicable to more than my unique circumstances) is:

“How would you best utilize an extended period of unstructured training, without access to a school or any formal training?”

If you have any thoughts on the topic, and have the time to share them, I would greatly appreciate it.


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