Today we’re talking about building gameplans, drawing flowcharts and becoming a specialist.

Making Gameplan Flowcharts And Becoming A Specialist

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Here’s the question I’m answering:

Curious about how indepth to go into my gameplanning. I currently have an OCD obsession building technique trees where I start with a position, then list available grips, then list techniques off of those grips. I end up with huge flowcharts which while cool, are too extensive to be anything but a reference. I’m curious when you start winding up for a tournament, if there is a limit to the number of techniques you apply drilling rigor to as your “go to” methods for that tournament. Kimura’s biography explained how he would pick 2-3 throws per major tournament with the goal of winning by Ippon. My question also asks that if a similar approach were valid to BJJ, would you advocate choosing 2-3 specific finishes that can be applied from several positions and gearing all your game to getting to those points, or drilling 2-3 specific reversals/sweeps/passes and banking on points instead of gunning for the finish. I currently compete in the intermediate category.