A new years dawns! What are your BJJ resolutions?

Today’s video is from the “going away” seminar I gave at Gracie Barra Clearwater in the summer of 2013 before moving to PA. Special thanks to the Ybor City Jiu-Jitsu Club for supporting this seminar and my podcast with donations!

This clip starts with a bonus rant by my instructor, Eduardo de Lima, about the value of learning one thing at a time, one day at a time. That’s a good lesson to apply to your new year’s resolutions! You can’t reach your goals in a single day and you can’t change everything at once. Focus on what you can do each day, no matter how small or simple.

(Sorry about the rough audio, but I didn’t even know this was going to be filmed! A friend set up a camera in the corner, so we got whatever we got!)

Watch on Youtube.

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