1. We’ve passed our Indiegogo crowdfunding goal!

2. ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts now sponsor Aesopian and Artechoke!

We passed our Indiegogo fundraising goal with a week to go thanks your support and three generous business sponsors: ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts. Being backed by three BJJ brands I admire is a big encouragement! You can look forward to collaborations between us in the future.

Can you still donate and get perks? YES!

Everything we earn beyond our $4000 goal will go into our future projects. Marshal swore me to secrecy but I’m very excited about what he’s got planned.

You only have a few days to pick up the remaining perks and pre-order your copy of the crucifix instructional. Check out the Indiegogo perks.

The perks I thought would be sold out by now are the GrapplersGuide.com memberships. Nine are available at over 50% off (plus you get my crucifix instructional and seminar video). Grapplers Guide is a great community and rarely accepts new members, making this one of the best ways to join.

Again, thanks for all your support, and thanks to ScrambleGawakoto and Grapplearts!