Excited to announce that after a long weekend shooting, all footage has been recorded for my crucifix instructional! Huge thanks goes out to all my Indiegogo backers and my sponsors GawakotoGrapplearts and Scramble for making this possible!

Now Marshal has the job of editing and processing hours of video, allowing him the opportunity to watch himself get choked many, many times:


Alternate collar choke when first crucifix choke is defended

While Marshal is busy with that, I will be finishing off the written content and polishing off the responsive web-based version. It looks great in every browser I’ve tested across PC, Mac, iOS and Android. We’re still looking into alternatives to GIF, like HTML5 animations, to reduce mobile data usage.

We’re also researching what it takes to turn these into native iOS/Android apps. If you know about app development or PhoneGap, holla at me!