Valerie Worthington just released her first e-book, “How to Love a Grappler”. You can download a free copy here.

For the uninitiated, Val is a black belt in the jiu-jitsu braintrust Groundswell Grappling Concepts, alongside Emily Kwok, Hannette Staack, and Lola Newsom. GGC is well known for its women’s grappling camps.

Val’s story is a remarkable one that really kicks off when she suddenly quits her successful-but-unfulfilling career and sells off her condo to become a road tripping BJJ nomad. She’s got more than enough firsthand experience attempting to explain her obsession with BJJ to her confused loved ones.

“How to Love a Grappler” is Val’s way of helping you talk to your friends and family about “that karate or whatever you do” (as your grandma puts it). I recommend sending a copy to your partner or family member who doesn’t get why you go out of your way to get beat up by sweaty strangers all the time.

Download “How to Love a Grappler”