It’s that time again where I to gather up all my recent work from around the web and compile it into a blog post! (The last two updates like this are here and here.)

Updates on are slower than ever, but as I keep saying in these posts, I’m actually busy as ever — just on Inverted Gear’s Blog instead!

My one big original blog post on for 2018 was the solemn Confronting the Problem of Sexual Harassment and Coercion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Valerie Worthington wrote a follow-up to it you can read here (also on the Inverted Gear blog): On the Problem of Sexual Harassment and Coercion in BJJ: Five Ways to Be Part of the Solution

Here is what else I’ve written since my last check-in:

Progressing Up the Belts

Concepts and Principles of BJJ

Joint Mobility

The rest of my joint mobility articles in this series are available through my Functional Range Conditioning FAQ.

How to Guides

And lastly, a piece that doesn’t fit into these categories is 6 Years at Black Belt, a personal piece about what’s new in my recent years.

Offline, I have created several booklets for my students, including one for a workshop on goal setting, gameplan building, and concept-based learning, and another with our school’s blue belt requirements and a checklist of the knowledge and techniques my beginners curriculum is built around. Those may make it online eventually, but for now you need to come train with me if you want copies!

Thanks as always for reading! Drop me a message if you’ve got any questions I can help you with!