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Are You in a Jiu-Jitsu Cult?

Stephan Kesting and I finally sat down to talk after all these years to talk about martial arts cults and sports science. Listen to our episode of The Strenuous Life Podcast or watch on YouTube.

Show Notes:

Yellow Bamboo fails: video 1 / video 2

Deceived: The Moo Years – podcast about Iron Kim’s martial art cult

Steve Hassan talks about the Unificiation Church (AKA Moonies)

JZ Knight on Merv Griffin

Self defense class connected to Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

Spirit channeler Abraham Hicks and Amway

Deepak Chopra quote generator

Cult interventionists defining hypnosis

Defining brainwashing – Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism by Robert J. Lifton:

Mystical manipulation

TEDx: Dismanting QAnon (occult and theosophical cults that support QAnon)

Carlos Gracie, Sr. as spirit channeler – One Hundred Years of Armbars, Chapter 8, “Champion of a Fractured Tribe”

Carlos Gracie as spiritual guide to Oscar Santa Maria

Playboy interview with Helio Gracie

The Cult of Lloyd Irvin (New Miami Times)

“Team Lloyd Irvin crippled by mass exodus of top students after yet another scandal” (Bloody Elbow)

Archive of

Fundamental attribution error (blaming other victims but excusing yourself)

Generation Cult – podcast host grew up in a theosophy cult

Dr. Yuval Laor – awe and fervor in sudden conversions

Asch conformity experiments (line lengths test)

Intelligent Disobedience by Ira Chaleff

BJJ games as drills

Perception Action Podcast – Constaints-led approach to coaching

John Kessel x Trevor Ragan: Motor Learning (volleyball coach)

Robert Bjork – desirable difficulties: slowing down learning

Robert Bjork – dissociating learning from performance

Blocked vs random practice


Listen to me on Inside BJJ!

Inside BJJ opened their show with me this week. Keep listening to hear them talk to Bellator Welterweight Tournament winner Rick Hawn and the always entertaining Kurt Osiander.

I’m going to be very disappointed in you if you haven’t read 3-D Jiu-Jitsu yet. What’s your excuse? That’s right, you don’t have one.

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Listen to me on Verbal Tap Cast!

Raf and Kevin had me on their show Verbal Tap Cast to talk about BJJ, MTG, D&D and our course my latest Indiegogo project. Listen to the show here.

Looks like my appearances on Open Mat Radio sparked a lover’s feud between Raf and his archnemesis Paul Moran.

Don’t forget to check out 3-D Jiu-Jitsu: An Introduction to Thinking Conceptually! This is the test model for what we hope to do with my crucifix and reverse omoplata instructional.

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Listen to me on Open Mat Radio!

Paul from Open Mat Radio had me on his show this week! You can listen to it here. It’s a long talk, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

I owe Paul a big thanks for offering an interview spot or a month of advertising on Open Mat Radio as a perk for backing our Indiegogo campaign.

Don’t miss Marshal’s free instructional 3-D Jiu-Jitsu: An Introduction to Thinking Conceptual to get a taste for what we hope to do with my bigger crucifix and reverse omoplata instructional.


[Podcast] What To Do When You’re Injured And Can’t Train

It’s time for that all-too-common topic everyone wishes they could avoid: injuries! A lot of people write in for advice on what to do while injured. Unfortunately, I have a lot of firsthand experience with this. In the words of my professor Eduardo de Lima, “Jiu-jitsu is good for you… just not your joints.” Give it a listen:

What To Do When You’re Injured And Can’t Train

Listen to “What To Do When You’re Injured And Can’t Train” on SoundCloud

This episode is unofficially sponsored by, buyer and seller of Magic: The Gathering cards. They’ll buy your old MTG cards (or you can just send them to me!)

Grand Master Helio Gracie


Making Gameplan Flowcharts And Becoming A Specialist [Podcast]

Today we’re talking about building gameplans, drawing flowcharts and becoming a specialist.

Making Gameplan Flowcharts And Becoming A Specialist

Listen to “Making Gameplan Flowcharts And Becoming A Specialist” on SoundCloud

Here’s the question I’m answering:

Curious about how indepth to go into my gameplanning. I currently have an OCD obsession building technique trees where I start with a position, then list available grips, then list techniques off of those grips. I end up with huge flowcharts which while cool, are too extensive to be anything but a reference. I’m curious when you start winding up for a tournament, if there is a limit to the number of techniques you apply drilling rigor to as your “go to” methods for that tournament. Kimura’s biography explained how he would pick 2-3 throws per major tournament with the goal of winning by Ippon. My question also asks that if a similar approach were valid to BJJ, would you advocate choosing 2-3 specific finishes that can be applied from several positions and gearing all your game to getting to those points, or drilling 2-3 specific reversals/sweeps/passes and banking on points instead of gunning for the finish. I currently compete in the intermediate category.


How To Train In The Middle Of Nowhere With No Instructor [Podcast]

How’s that for a title? Here’s the question I’m answering today:

First of all, thanks for all of the content you produce on your site – I have indeed found it very useful.

I was glad to make a donation ($50) without the need for any kind of reward, but I do actually have a question that I would like to see answered.  This may be the type of situation you have covered in the past, but if so I haven’t seen it.  I am out in Southern Iraq for a year, and clearly there is no opportunity for formal instruction here, but we do have a small but growing BJJ group here training three to four times per week, composed of guys of various levels of experience and skill.  So, my question (posed in a way that will be applicable to more than my unique circumstances) is:

“How would you best utilize an extended period of unstructured training, without access to a school or any formal training?”

If you have any thoughts on the topic, and have the time to share them, I would greatly appreciate it.


Listen to “How To Train In The Middle Of Nowhere With No Instructor” on SoundCloud

You can see the photos of Gracie Barra Carlisle I mention here.


Are Grappling Dummies Worth It? [Podcast]

Today’s update will be a quick one because I’m sharing from the road. Here’s the second podcast of the week as promised. Videos and more will be coming soon!

Are Grappling Dummies Worth It?


How To Be Less Defensive and Loosen Up [Podcast]

Today’s podcast is a short one. Here is the question it answers:

HEY MATT – THAT’S REALLY NICE OF YOU.  Here’s my problem – I play primarily a defensive game.  I tend to latch on (I have the nick name Pitbull) when I should be shrimping away.  How do I break this long standing habit?

How To Be Less Defensive and Loosen Up

Listen to “How To Be Less Defensive and Loosen Up” on SoundCloud

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